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Crisp romaine, tomatoes, cucubmers onions tossed in fresh lemon juice & olive oil. $5 -- add feta cheets & kalamata olives (make it greek) $1 additional


Fresh parsely salad with tomatoes onions and cracked wheat tossed in fresh lemon juice & olive oil $6

 Crsipy romaine, tomato, cucumber, onions parsley in olive oil lemon juice Summack topped with toasted pita chips $6

Shepard Salad (Çoban Salatası)

Specialty Turkish salad: fine chopped tomatoes cucumbers onions green

peppers parsley  feta cheese tossed in fresh lemon juice & Mediterranean olive oil  $7


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Chicken Kabob
Marinated chunks of chicken breast grilled w/ peppers & onions, wrapped in pita bread w/lettuce & tomoatoes pickled turnips and tahini sauce $5.95

Beef Kafta
Grilled beef kafta wrapped in pita bread w/ hummus lettuce, tomatoes and pickled turnips $5.95

Fresh falafel patties wrapped in Pita bread w/lettuce & tomatoes, pickled turnips and tahini sauce $4.50

Beef Shawerma
Marinated shredded beef  w/onions cooked to perfection & wrapped in pita bread w/lettuce tomatoes, pickled turnips and hummus $5.95

Chicken Shawerma
Marinated shredded chicken cooked to perfection & wrapped in pita bread w/lettuce & tomoatoes, pickled turnips and tahini sauce $5.95 Add Fries  $1.75, Add soda $1.50


Homemade Soups

Lentil: Vegetable stock with lentils & fresh vegetables $3
Soup of the day$3

Cold Appetizers

Pureed chickpeas, fresh lemon juice, garlic, tahini and olive oil $5, add Pine Nuts $1.50, Add Meat $2

Baba Ghannooj
Roasted eggplant, tahini, garlic and olive oil $5

Sweet red pepper, bread crumbs, walnuts, pepper paste and a touch of POMEGRANATE MOLASSES $6

Labne Strained yogurt, olive oil, dried mint $5

Roasted eggplant with tomatoes, peppers, onions in garlic and

olive oil $5.50

Grape Leaves (vegetarian)
Stuffed w/ rice, chick peas, onions, parsley and tomatoes $6

Riviera Sampler
Hummus, Baba Ghannooj, Mohamara & Mousakaha $9

Hot Appetizers

Falafel $5
Ground chick peas & spices, shaped into small patties

Ful Mudammas $6
cooked and mashed fava beans served with olive oil Chopped parsley, onions and lemon juice

Cheese Bourak  $6
Filo dough stuffed w/Lebanese cheese

Spinach Bourak $6
Filo dough stuffed with spinach, onion and a hint of lemon juice

Fried Kibbeh $6.50
Kibbeh shell filled with ground beef, onions, pine nuts and spices shaped into balls and fried

Grape Leaves $6.50
Stuffed with rice & ground beef in lemon garlic flavor

Toshka (Meat & Cheese)  $6.50

Grilled Pita with ground beef and Lebanese cheese

Soujuk $8

Sautéed sausage with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil$8

Makanek $8

Sautéed lamb sausage with lemon and pine nuts

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Light Combos

Each combo comes with: Hummus, basmati rice, Riviera salad & Pita bread

Chicken Kabob Combo $11

Beef Kafta Combo $11

Chicken Shawerma Combo $11

Beef Shawerma Combo $11

Soup, Salad & Pita Bread COMBO $8

Falafel Combo $9

Served w/ Tahini sauce, hummus, Riviera salad & Pita bread

The Charbroil Grill
Served over a bed of Basmati rice & Grilled Vegetables

Chicken kabob $13
Marinated cubed chicken breast, skewered & grilled

Kafta kabob $12
Lean ground beef mixed with parsley, onions, skewered & grilled

Shish kabob $16
Marinated cubed filet mignon, skewered & grilled

1 Shish, 1kafta and 1chicken kabob skewers Marinated & grilled

Lamb chops $18
Marinated tender lamb chops charbroil grilled to perfection

Half of Chicken $10
Marinated with Riviera special sauce & grilled

The Riviera Combination Grill (For two) $28
Skewered Kabob Combination and lamb chops

Fresh Fish
Served over a bed of Basmati Rice and Vegetables

Filet of salmon  $14

Broiled with sliced fresh lemon, garlic, oregano Kalamata olives

Swai $12

Lightly breaded Swai, Pan-fried topped with Marinara Basil sauce

Side Kicks

Crispy Fries $3.50

Basmati Rice $3

Chicken Tenders & Fries $6



Double ESPRESSO $3.25

Arabic Coffee or Espresso 2.25

American Coffee/Decaf $2.25

Tea or Herbal Tea  $2.25

Soda or Unsweetened Iced Tea  $1.75

Cappuccino $3

Riviera-brand Ginger ale, Lemonade

or Sparkling Water $2.25



Baklawa $5

Knafeh    $5

Dessert Of the Day   $5


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